The Department


The Regional cooperation and External Relations Department (SCRRE) was established in 2001 by the Government of New Caledonia. It is placed under the immediate authority of the President of the Government, whom the Organic Law of 1999 empowers to set New Caledonia’s policy in this area.

Directly attached to the presidency, the department implements the policy of the government. It manages and monitors cooperation with Pacific States and Territories. It ensures the operational representation of New Caledonia within the region’s multipartite political and technical organizations and coordinates the involvement of other local institutions.

The SCRRE, in coordination with all governmental, provincial and French departments, is in charge of managing and monitoring the actions related to the implementation of the regional policy defined by the President of the Government.

It ensures the management and  the monitoring of the relationship between New Caledonia and the European Union defined by its status as an overseas country and territory of the European Union (OCT) and coordinates the funds allocated to New Caledonia as a part of the European Development Fund (EDF) or  other EU programs.

Finally, it implements New Caledonia’s economic cooperation activities in the region.