Papua New Guinea


Philippe Germain with Peter O'Neill, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

There are only a few cooperation actions undertaken in Papua New Guinea. The French Diplomatic Post does not have a Department for Cooperation and Cultural Action, which makes the implementation and the monitoring of projects difficult.

The few cooperation projects implemented in the country consisted in providing financial support to projects funded by the Pacific Fund:

  • co-financing  of the  Madang 2012 Expedition « Biodiversity Database » (12 million XPF) ;
  • co-financing the completion of the project aiming to open up the Ikundi Valley (2,4 million XPF ) ;
  • co-financing of a training program aimed at trainers in car maintenance (2,4 million XPF) ;
  • co-financing of a geographical data collection and analysis program aimed at facilitating the protection of natural resources , and developed by New Caledonian company Bluecham (2.4 million franc XPF).

A mission of economic diplomacy, planned at the beginning of 2018, should showcase the expertise of New Caledonian companies to this major Melanesian Arch country.