EU Financial Support - 11th EDF and OADG Instrument

The Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) remain beneficiaries of the European Development Fund (EDF), an instrument  for the period 2014-2020.

The total amount of European Union (EU) aid to the OCTs was 43.6 billion francs (364.5 million euros) :

  • 27.4 billion francs (229.5 million euros) for specific programs;
  • 11.9 billion francs (100 million euros) for regional cooperation and integration;
  • 654.6 million francs (8 million euros) for technical assistance ;
  • 2.5 billion francs (21.5 million euros) for emergency aid and performance ("reserve B").

 The OADG instrument, for the period 2021-2027

From 2021, a budget envelope dedicated to the OCTs is included in the EU budget (€ 500 million current), there is no longer an EDF. 

This allocation includes territorial envelopes (€225 million for Greenland and €164 million for the other OCTs), a regional envelope (€76 million), an unallocated envelope for unforeseen circumstances, new challenges or international initiatives (€13 million) and a technical assistance envelope including costs related to the administrative support of the European Commission (€22 million)

As a new element of the OADG, the regional envelope described above includes an intra-regional allocation (€15 million, for all OCTs) which should allow one or more OCTs to cooperate with one or more ACP countries or with one or more regional organizations to which the ACP countries belong (detailed in Article 82 of the OADG).