The Pacific Island Development Forum (PIDF)


The Pacific Islands Development Forum Le Forum (PIDF), headquartered in Suva, is a regional organization created by the Fijian Government in 2013, following its exclusion from the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) in 2009.  

The PIDF’s main objective is to support sustainable development in Pacific Islands by facilitating:   

  • The integration of sustainable development’s three pillars (Environmental, Social and Economic) to combine sustained economic growth and the needs of society with environmental resilience. 
  • The use of tools and innovations associated with the green economy, leadership, adaptation, and the implementation of sustainable partnerships. 

The PIDF seeks to act as a multipartite platform for government leaders, the private sector and civil society, to create dynamic partnerships in which leaders and representatives of Pacific countries take ownership of the decisions and actions implemented to meet their specific development needs.

The PIDF counts among its members the countries which signed the organization’s charter, financial partners as well as organizations representing the private sector and civil society.  

New Caledonia does not have a specific status within the PIDF but is invited to participate to the organization’s work with the same privileges as any full member.  


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