The France - French OCT Monitoring Committee

The France-French OCT monitoring committee on the EU-OCT partnership was created at the initiative of New Caledonia in 2010.

It provides an opportunity to review, approximately twice a year, the progress on issues regarding the European Union (EU) and the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) with representatives of the French authorities involved. These meetings are co-organized by New Caledonia and the Ministry for Overseas Departments and Territories.


They took place at the Maison de la Nouvelle-Calédonie:

  • in October and December 2010 ;
  • in January and June 2011 ;
  • in September 2012 ;
  • in April and October 2013;
  • in September 2014;
  • in November 2015
  •  In October 2017
  •  In February 2018
  •  In September 2018
  •  In February 2019 (Tahiti)
  •  In October 2019

In addition to New Caledonia, the French OCTs represented are Wallis and Futuna, St. Pierre and Miquelon, French Polynesia, the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, and St. Barthélémy. The French authorities are represented by the SGAE (General Secretariat for European Affairs), the MEAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the MOM (Ministry for Overseas Territories and Department) and the EU PR (Permanent Representation of France to the EU).

The Committee has been convened 14 times since its inception in 2010.