Philippe Germain with David Vergé, President of Wallis-and-Futuna's Territorial Assembly.


The Noumea Agreement states that “the relations between New Caledonia and the territory of Wallis-and-Futuna- will be defined by a specific agreement.”

Furthermore, the Organic Law of 1999 states that “the relations between New Caledonia and the territory of Wallis-and-Futuna- will be defined by a specific agreement finalized on 31 March 2000, at the latest.”

Signed on 1 December 2003,  the specific agreement  notably specifies that « the territory of Wallis-and-Futuna, with the help of New Caledonia and France, and following terms to be determined, commits to creating favorable conditions  and find the necessary resources to facilitate an harmonious economic development enabling degree-granting training, access to employment and social security, which would make it more likely for Wallis -And-Futuna’s population to remain in the territory It states that  a Monitoring Committee “will be tasked with monitoring the issues that needs to be addressed to ensure the agreement’s implementation.”

The first Monitoring Commission of the specific agreement took place in Mata-Utu on 27 March 2009.The second meeting took place in Noumea on 5 June 2010 and the third on 12 January 2012 in Noumea.

Cooperation took place in the following areas in the last few years:


  • support for the initial  school teacher training of people from Wallis-and-Futuna  in New Caledonia;
  • opening of spots for students from Wallis-and-Futuna  in New Caledonia’s
  •  Training Institute for Health and Social Affairs Professionals  (IFPSS-NC)
  • Technical support from New Caledonia for the training of private sector leaders.

Economic Development

  • Support from New Caledonia’s Consular Chambers to Wallis-and Futuna’s Chamber for Commerce, Industries and Craft (CCIMA) in the following sectors :modernization, optimization, management of a company registry, professionalization of private home tourism, creation of a training pathway in construction, promotion of handicraft, helping producers with product supply and commercialization, price  regulation for agricultural products. For example, with New Caledonia’s participation to the project aimed at structuring and professionalizing Wallis-and-Futuna’s CCIMA.


  • financial support from New Caledonia for the buying of a stage for Futuna;
  • collaboration with New Caledonia’s Conservatory  of Music and Dance to develop music education in Wallis-and-Futuna ;
  • financial support from New Caledonia for the  making of a documentary  on the Pacific Mini Games in Wallis-and-Futuna ;
  • support from New Caledonia to the organization of an exhibit on the Tapa in Oceania.


  • New Caledonia assisted in the preparation for the Pacific Mini Games 2013.


  • technical support from New Caledonia in terms of Social Security in Wallis-and-Futuna;
  • financial aid from New Caledonia to put in place a medico-social partnership;
  • collaboration from New Caledonia’s Health and Social Affairs Agency to define a sanitary risk prevention policy.

Digital Services and Telecommunications

  • Technical support from New Caledonia  for the installation of the 3 G mobile network in Wallis-and-Futuna. 


  • support from the Department for Industry, Mining and Energy to revise electricity and fuel prices in Wallis-and-Futuna;
  • New Caledonia participates in a cooperation project between Wallis and the Ademe, aimed at identifying energy saving sources within companies to promote better energy consumption.


  • Financial support provided by New Caledonia to contribute to the project on ecosystems biodiversity in Wallis-and-Futuna.

Civil Security

  • Technical support provided by New Caledonia to Futuna’s fire fighters.