New Caledonia Trade & Invest

New Caledonia Trade & Invest (NCT&I) was founded in 2015, as the AVEX cluster, by economic actors. NCT&I is dedicated to supporting New Caledonian companies aiming to export. NCT&I is nowadays recognized beyond the industrial sector, its point of origin.

Since early 2016, the Government closely associates NCT&I to its economic diplomacy policy.  The export unit works closely with the organization.

NCT&I’s Missions

NCT&I’s role is to advance international trade and investments interests by providing information, advice and services. 

Its missions are varied:

  •  Internationally  

- Put providers and dealers in contact;

- Promote New Caledonia;

- Promote the “Made in New Caledonia” label;

- Identify market and investments opportunities for New Caledonian companies;

- Support local companies during every development phase;

- Represent New Caledonia during international showcases;

- Organize economic and trade missions;

- Economic aspects of the Government of New Caledonia’s economic diplomatic missions;

  • In New Caledonia

- Attract direct foreign investments;

- Support foreign investors;

- Support the international development of New Caledonian companies (procedures and information);

- Creation and maintenance of a trade network;

- Competitive intelligence on international markets.

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