The New Caledonian Export Support Council

As part of its Export Support Orientation Plan (OSE), the Government created the New Caledonian Export Support Council (CSENC) to facilitate the development of exportations and make local products competitive on international markets.  

This council is the body in which collectivities and economic actors meet to define a support roadmap for companies interested in exporting.  Placed under the President of the Government’s authority,  the management of the New Caledonian Export Support Council is entrusted to the Department of Regional Cooperation and External Relations’ (SCRRE) Export Unit. Economic actors are notably represented by NCT&I (New Caledonia Trade and Invest), tasked with supporting companies in their prospections and exportation operations.    

A Source of Proposals

Concretely, the council is asked to give an opinion on all initiatives or reforms regarding New Caledonia’s export support policy, which are susceptible to lead to new regulatory and fiscal measures. The council should also be a source of proposals for trade operators.   

Orientations defined in the Government’s OSE Plan already recommend that certain actions be undertaken, such as the organization of new regional and international economic diplomatic missions. The designing of tools to promote the possibilities offered by New Caledonia and its companies in terms of exportations, represents another aspects of this indispensable driver of growth.  

Composition of CSENC

The Export Support Council is composed of the President of the Government,  the Presidents of the Provinces, representatives of the governmental departments involved (Department for Regional Cooperation and External Relations, Department for Economic Affairs, Regional Customs Department) the High Commissioner of the French Republic in New Caledonia, the board members of NCT&I , the Presidents of New Caledonia’s Consular Chambers (CANC, CCI, CMA) and of the President of the Cooperative, Saveur authentique.