Trade and investment Take Center Stage For PIF Members

09 October 2023

Adophe Digoué took part in the event by videoconference from the government meeting room.

Adolphe Digoué, Minister for the Economy, took part in the meeting of Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) trade ministers on Friday 6 October via videoconference. This was an opportunity for the region's leaders to discuss the region's strategy  in terms of trade, investment and private sector development.

On Friday 6 October, the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Trade Ministers' Conference was held in Suva, Fiji. The event was attended via videoconference by Minister Adolphe Digoué.

The main topics discussed at the meeting included the state of regional trade following the health crisis and in the face of current international events, the development of trade in the region and its openness to international trade, and the stakes involved in the "2050 strategy for the Blue Pacific", supported by  PIF member countries and territories.

Combining Economic Development with Environmental Protection

In his remarks ,Adolphe Digoué pointed out that, as far as economic development is concerned, "New Caledonia's priority is food security and it is seeking to diversify its niche exports, to move away from a nickel-only strategy".

He also stressed New Caledonia's desire to open up to the region in terms of trade. We are working to improve our governance and support for exports by setting up a dedicated portal, reporting procedures and performance indicators," Adolphe Digoué said. We also want to develop our imports within the region, and are seeking assistance from the Forum secretariat to achieve this.

: Adolphe Digoué est intervenu pour la Nouvelle-Calédonie face aux ministres du commerce du FIP.
Adolphe Digoue spoke on behalf of New aledonia to PIF Trade Ministers. 

Lastly, the Minister referred to the need for PIF members "to meet the objectives set by the 2050 strategy" and to make  "the aspiration of our countries to achieve sustainable management of our oceans and their resources, with the development of the knowledge of the peoples of Oceania in this area" a priority.

He gave the example of the initiatives undertaken in New Caledonia, which are in line with the 2050 strategy. For some time now, our countries have been the main victims of the effects of climate change and global warming," added Adophe Digoué. In response, New Caledonia has embarked on a green energy transition, which involves transforming our metallurgical economy by recycling mining slag. This resource, which can be made available to countries in the Pacific, is already being used to protect the coastline from rising sea levels and to build road and port infrastructure".

This conference was the last permanent meeting of the year before the next meeting of Forum leaders, which will be held in the Cook Islands.

About the "2050 Strategy"

The 2050 Strategy for the Blue Paifi Continent  represents the region's ongoing commitment to working together. Building on its shared stewardship of the Pacific Ocean, the region must recognise the links that the people of the Blue Pacific have with their natural resources, their environment, their cultures and their livelihoods.