Education and Cooperation

12 March 2015



Hon. Bob Loughman, Minister of Education in the Republic of Vanuatu, met his counterpart, Mr. André-Jean Léopold at the New Caledonia government building where they held comprehensive discussions. Among other things, they engaged on cooperation matters between New Caledonia and Vanuatu in relation to education and in particular regarding the hosting of students from Vanuatu in New Caledonia. An agreement has been signed to this end with the University of New Caledonia. In his speech, Hon. Bob Loughman expressed his wish for students from Vanuatu to be true ambassadors in New Caledonia. In response to this, Mr. André-Jean Léopold wished for the students, once they had returned to their country, to become ambassadors for New Caledonia to a certain extent, hence contributing to the development of the friendship ties between our two countries, especially through the promotion of the French language, la francophonie.