World Youth Climbing Championships

08 septembre 2014


Centre culturel Tjibaou

It is the government and attended by Jean-Claude BRIAULT and Pierre FOREST, Director of Youth and Sports, the organizers of the World Youth Championships (minimal, cadets, juniors) Climbing showed that competition finally take place from September 20 to 24 in Noumea next after the new wall was rebuilt in Magenta on the site of the previous (destroyed by arson last December).

This event will bring together nearly 500 competitors from over 50 countries.

These athletes will be supervised by the judges and officials openers, the bodies of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and the French Federation of Mountain and Climbing (FFME), technical managers and coaches of the various national delegations . These championships will be the largest sporting event in our country in terms of number of nations and the number of continents represented.

Nearly 200 volunteers lend a hand to the organizers.