South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO)

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) was established following the conclusion of a multilateral treaty in 1995 known as the “Constitution of the South Pacific Tourism Organisation”. It is an intergovernmental organisation focused on the South Pacific region and composed of 18 Government members.


The SPTO’s purpose is to promote Pacific islands as a tourism destination, as far away and unknown destinations, which calls for an improved air and sea access to the islands and for the promotion of cultural diversity in the Pacific region.


In addition to developing tourism, the SPTO has different goals and contributes to improving the region’s visibility as one of the actors in the environmental field through the promotion of sustainable development, a general awareness-raising approach in the region and the development of eco-tourism. As these goals to serve the development of a sustainable tourism in the region necessarily entail cooperation between the different Government members, the SPTO hence plays a pivotal role in the regional coordination of the tourism sector.


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