New Caledonia shared its desire to "reunite the European family around common economic objectives".
15 décembre 2020

The 18th annual Forum between the European Union and the overseas countries and territories took place on Friday morning. The President of the Government of New Caledonia, Thierry Santa, was represented by the Head of the Cooperation and External Relations Department, François Behue.

The meeting was held at Campbell High School in Canberra.
10 décembre 2020

Strengthening cooperation between New Caledonia and Australia in the field of education, training and school exchanges is the objective of the videoconference held on December 3, at the initiative of the delegation for New Caledonia in Australia.

Jean-Pierre Djaïwé, New Caledonia's  Minister for in charge of Environmental Issues, had the honor of reading the Vemööre Declaration, from the Headquarters of the Pacific Community in Nouméa.
30 novembre 2020

Mission accomplished for the 10th Pacific Island Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas with the adoption on November 26 of the Vemööre Declaration, a first in the history of this event. This text is accompanied by commitments and recommendations to international leaders.

François Behue has already worked in the Pacific region, between 2007 and 2009, as chargé de mission to the Prefect of Wallis and Futuna for territorial, European and regional affairs (© Peter Tandt).
23 novembre 2020

Dedicated in particular to the implementation of New Caledonia's regional policy, the Regional Cooperation and External Relations Department is placed under the authority of the President of the Government, Thierry Santa, who wishes to strengthen New Caledonia's integration in the Pacific.

Meeting in session on Wednesday 18 November, the elected representatives of Congress adopted the draft resolution authorizing the President of the Government Thierry Santa to sign the amendment to the special agreement.
20 novembre 2020

Initiated in November 2019, the draft amendment to the Special Agreement linking France, New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna is about to become a reality. The Congress has authorized the President of the Government to negotiate and sign this rider, which should breathe new life into the cooperation between the two collectivities.

The jury met to examine the numerous entries.
02 juillet 2020

Launched in schools last February, the drawing competition organized to celebrate 50 years of "La Francophonie" has progressed to a new stage. The jury composed of representatives from the Government and the Postal and Telecommunication Service (OPT-NC) has selected the winning entries which will be reproduced on a stamp, an envelope and a postcard.

Christopher Gygès gave a speech to promote New Caledonia's energy transition during the FACCI Conference

The economic diplomacy mission to Australia led by Christopher Gygès , Minister for the Economy and Trade opens perspectives for  a closer and more pragmatic cooperation . The goal is to sign trade agreements with Australian States, starting with Queensland.

In Canberra, Christopher Gygès met with Andrew Barr, Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory.

A New Caledonian delegation led by Christopher Gygès, Minister for the Economy and Trade is visiting Australia from 2-6 March.

Representatives from Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia and New Caledonia at the Pacific Fund's Executive Committee

Minister Yoann Lecourieux represented the President of the Government of New Caledonia at the Executive Committee Meeting of the Pacific Fund held in Papeete on 25 February. About 78 million francs were allocated to New Caledonian projects.

The Evening Discussion with Alastair Sutton Took Place  at the Auditorium of the South Province's Administrative Centre

As part of British Consultant and International Business Lawyer's Alastair Sutton's visit , the Government organised a discussion evening  on 30 January 2020. The discussions focused on economic integration possibilities available to New Caledonia in the region. Business leaders, students, consulat representatives, members of employers organizations and professionals at large...

Thierry Santa met Charlot Salwai (1st from the left) Vice President Gilbert Tyuienon also participated in the meeting.

A Ni-Vanuatu delegation, led by Prime Minister  Charlot Salwai, visited Government Headquarters on 8 January 2020. The Trade Agreements between the two islands, and more specifically the one signed oin April 2019, were at the heart of the discussions. 

Gilbert Tyuienon, Vice President of the Government of New Caledonia, and Edouard Fritch, President of French Polynesia signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two territories.
17 décembre 2019
regional cooperation

 A delegation led by Vice President, Gilbert Tyuienon, and Ministers Yoann Lecourieux and Vaimu’a Muliava, made an official visit to French Polynesia from 10-13 December to lay the groundwork for a Framework Agreement which will define areas of cooperation between the two territories.